Legal Visual Services

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Photo & Video Site Documentation

Whatever the scope, we can document it.

Whatever the scope, we can document it.

Legal Visual Services’ pre-construction surface documentation helps construction and insurance companies reduce the risk of insurance claims and litigation. Our videographers capture digital video of existing conditions of structures near construction sites and provide all parties with chaptered DVDs and written documentation. This visual and written evidence provides comfort for the local home and business owners as well as security for the construction and insurance companies.

Mechanical, Electric and Plumbing (MEP) Training Video

Help your clients train their staff to understand complex systems.

At the completion of commercial construction projects, LVS produces Mechanical, Electric and Plumbing (MEP) training tapes. Our professional videographers record your building experts as they conduct a video-documented training of the building systems. Footage is then edited into a chaptered training DVD. By videotaping the experts who first install the systems, building managers have an effective reference tool to go back to whenever an issue may arise.